A new way
to shelter
Charred Black
Brushed Brown
Pure Cypress
Design yours

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Everything you need to launch your getaway

Hospitality Simplified
Turnkey services
Live project tracking
Zero-to-launch services
Local permitting support
Master planning & design
ROI Calculator
Built for forever
Configurable architecture
Off-grid capable
Modular Delivery
Outfitted for extreme conditions
Complies with 99% of US building codes
Pure materials
Unmatched interior comfort
Magic in every detail
Designed & built in CO, USA
Designed for disassembly
Personalized design
ELMNTL Shelter - modular cabins
ELMNTL Sauna - bespoke saunas
The Mountain Refuge - elevated cabin
Bespoke, special projects
ELMNTL Wellness - coming soon

How it works

1. Configure
Customize your design to make it your dream space. Choose window openings, floor plans, siding, and more to make it yours.
2. Approve + Sign
After drawing up your design, assessing your site, and giving you an estimate, you sign, and we start building.
3. Get ready
We handcraft your dwelling in our workshop, procure needed permits, and assist you with your site preparation.
4. Receive
We deliver your dwelling and install it with your local General Contractor.
5. Unlock your getaway
You get the keys and start creating an unforgettable getaway in nature for you and your guests. We're there to support you for the long haul.
Your timeline

Ready for delivery.
Unlock your getaway now.

Don't settle for a boring prefab

Customer stories

The space is so well thought out and functions well, we never felt crowded or confined.
Well thought out design and gorgeous natural light.
Anna Eliza
Stunning craftsmanship
It has love and attention to detail in everything.
Cleverly designed to bring the outside in; big windows provide expansive views.
Truly a home of the future, with interesting and stylish amenities
Super cool. Sleek, clean, modern, and many creative uses of space.
The space is so thoughtful and unique.
Thoughtfully designed home
Loved the intentional and personal touches to the house.
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